Hip Hop

Though she's the Tiniest...Sweetie isn't the only dancer in this house.

WonderBoy started taking a weekly co-ed Hip Hop Class at the same dance studio where his sister took ballet all year.
Much to our surprise and delight, he loved every minute of the classes and this handsome young man can add Hip Hop Dancer Extraordinaire to his resume!
He was absolutely fantastic in the final at the end of year performance (the same performance his sister was featured in much earlier in the evening.)

JR and I were so incredibly proud of him, all the hard work he put in throughout the year and his enthusiam and stellar moves; let's just say it was hard for this Mama Bear to hold the camera still I was so excited.

WonderBoy was a SUPERSTAR!


(not one of the best pictures I've ever taken but I love his expression here and I just had to include it even though it is not in focus)

And, here's the long awaited VIDEO!

Be sure to go to the bottom of this blog and pause the music so you can hear the T*aio Cruz* song the kids danced to before you press play on the video


  1. That is super cool! He's got the moves for sure! Not only is he good lookin'... he's a good dancer too!

  2. How cool!! WB was sure working that stage!! I'm so happy for him! BTW - he continues to grow and grow more every time I see him...when's it going to stop?!

  3. Good looking...good dancer...what more could a girl ask for? ;) Are they beating down the door yet??? Loved watching WB's amazing perfomance...I can only imagine how proud you are!

    Love and blessings,

  4. Love these Dita! So happy he enjoyed hip hop so much. I think it's wonderful when our kids are able to find something they enjoy doing and put their all into it. You really captured some amazing memories.


  5. Wow!! He is a super star, and he's got the moves!

    Your kiddos are gorgeous!

  6. He's not only good the good looks, he's got the moves too!

    You got some really fabulous shots and memories of this recital. I am sure one day Anthony will love looking back at them.



  7. How proud are you?! I'm beaming ear to ear watching the video!