A is for Audrey

Sweetie has a drawer of play clothes that she can choose from when she wants to dress herself.
When she spilled chocolate ice cream all over the shirt she was wearing I asked her to please go to her "play clothes" drawer and change her shirt.

She dutifully obliged and on her way out of her room she said, "Mama, close your eyes because I have a surprise for you." I closed my eyes....(peeking ever so slightly)


Then with sheer delight she said,

"Open your eyes...SURPRISE....I'm wearing YOU on my shirt!"

Oh, my daughter...bless your great big heart.....how you made my day!



  1. I can see the resemblance, both beautiful brunettes with a lot of class...and yet appoachable and down to earth too.

    Over here, the children pride themselves on a "brutal honesty"
    I don't know where they learned that from, I'm a big believer in rose colored glasses in a darkened room and lots of alcohol.

    Send sweetie pie over here I can't handle the truth.

    Love Valerie

  2. Right on Sweetie. And the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree with you either.

    Love that sweet girl (and her mom).

  3. Have you ever looked into the face - the eyes of a child and been so moved that you hoped one day to know them as an adult? To stand witness to their inner beauty and experience the joy their thoughts and smiles brings to others. I do...

  4. I {HEART} HER!!!

    She is YOU..... I did not know you at her age, but I could only imagine if we rewound the clock. She may have some of her Daddy's looks and charecteristics....but she is you through and through!

    Give Sweetie a big hug from the Fureys. Sarah said to tel "Caffrin" she said "HI" :))

    Hope you are all settling in after returning from paradise.

    Love Ya~


  5. I {Heart} her!

    She may have some of her Daddy's looks...... but she is you through and through!

    What a sweetheart she is..... tell her the Fureys are sending big hugs all the way from PA. Sarah says to tell "Caffrin" she says "HI"

    Hope you are all settling in after returning from paradise~

    Love Ya,


  6. Awwwww, sweetie pie indeed! She certainly knows beauty when she sees it!! And that cupcake bandaid? Fabulous! How is her scar doing?

    Kisses to the HC and darlings from Texas! Sure wish y'all were coming to my birthday bash this weekend, glad I get my Dita fix soon enough. :)

  7. That could very well be one of the sweetest things I have ever read!

  8. that is so sweet! : ) bless her!
    the other day, i was getting ready to go out and my 3yr old daughter said "mama, you look so stylish"...
    i was so touched because i knew she meant it, and wasnt just trying to be nice like ppl often are!

  9. Oh my word, she is a beauty that girl. Really beautiful.


  10. You are even prettier than Audrey! I love this story : )

  11. That is so precious! You are beautiful just like Audrey.... I just love her and love the top.....