Thankful Thursday

JR goes into work very early each day. He gets up, takes a shower, empties the dishwasher (I'm not kidding!) and makes sure he kisses every one of us goodbye, no matter what, as we lay sleeping.

He's usually gone by 5am and has put in a full day by the time most of us have lunch.

Somehow he always manages to come home in time to be waiting at the bus for WonderBoy and then they're off to pick up Sweet Pea from her Nana's house or her school. He makes sure they both gets lots of his attention. He can be found crawling around on the floor with Sweet Pea making barking sounds to her sheer delight, skateboarding in front of our house with WonderBoy and the Sweet Sisters, raking a neighbor's leaves or helping shovel their snow.

Somehow he manages to give Sweet Pea a bath and help WonderBoy with his homework before they're off to whatever the sport du jour is for WonderBoy on any particular day.
By the time I get home from work (usually after 7pm) all of my lovelies are standing at the open front door watching me walk up the path. When I see them there I can't help but pinch myself to think that I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such a loving family waiting there just for me!
As I cross the threshold, they each pretend to fight over who will get the first kiss from Mama......oh, how it melts my heart and makes me crystal clear on exactly what is important in life and exactly what isn't.

I dreamed about having this family and I am so thankful to JR for the patience and love that he shows me and our children every single day!



  1. What a beautiful post to the man you love so much!
    You should show it to him. I really like the part when you come home at night and they are all there waiting for you to give you lovin'. Only my girls and dogs greet me like that... you are a lucky girl!


  2. Oh I love this post Dita! Just love it! Looking into your view of your family brings a smile.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  3. What a wonderful tribute to your wonderful husband and father! I'm sure they are pinching themselves as well...each and every one of you are BEAUTIFUL!!! God is good!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. What a beautiful post about your sweetheart of a husband:) I am sure he appreciates you as much as you do him.....you two seem like you have a wonderful relationship!

    Enjoy your Sunday!!


  5. What a beautiful post about your hubby!! You have yourself a keeper thats for sure!! :-)